The Cat's Pajamas

Want to learn to swing dance? You've come to the right place!

Instructors: David, Diana, & Erik


6:30 - Beginning Swing Dance

7:30 - Intermediate Swing Dance*

8:30 Lindy Hop**


 * Participation in Intermediate requires two 5-week sessions of beginner classes or equivalent experience.

** Participation in Lindy Hop requires two 5-week sessions of intermediate classes or equivalent experience.

No partner necessary for any of the classes.

Lessons are on Thursdays at the First Moravian Church in Greensboro, 304 S. Elam. Great wood dance floor, plenty of off-street parking.

Session is five weeks long.

Cost for the session:

     Beginning and intermediate : $10 per class or $40 up front for the 5-week session.

     Lindy Hop : $12 per class or $50 for the 5-week session if paid up front. 

The price of entry is for the entire evening - students may and are encouraged to take lower-level classes prior to their own proficiency level for no additional charge. 

For example:

If Intermediate Swing is your current level you may participate for no extra charge in the beginning class and stay for your class.  Lindy Hopper are welcome to do all three classes.

If Beginning Swing is your your appropriate level, you may stay and watch the second class but not participate.

Note that many students attend the lower-level classes for practice, for fun, or to learn an alternate lead/follow role.


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With Anita's sad and untimely passing there was a question of whether to keep Cat's Pajamas going or not. It was my absolute pleasure to work with someone who was an excellent teacher, friendly and caring, and a talented dancer. She greeted students with a smile every night and put the fun into dancing. In the end she helped us all become better dancers. I feel honored and will be forever grateful for having been able to share this teaching experience with Anita.