Swing Dance Etiquette

One basic rule to remember is to treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

  1. If you accidentally bump into someone on the dance floor, apologize.  This is bound to happen, especially when the floor is crowded.
  2. Please clear the dance floor if you are not dancing.  The dance floor is prime space for dancers.
  3. If you tend to perspire a lot, bring two or more shirts and a towel.  Your partners will appreciate it.
  4. When a song ends, thank your partner.  You may walk your partner to the side but this is also a time used to find your next partner so it is not required.  However, a “thank you” is required.
  5. Remember to applaud the band after each song.  They work really hard and our feedback shows our appreciation.
  6. Aerials are not allowed at a social dance unless we have a jam circle.
  7. Dance with partners of all skill levels.  This practice will encourage the new dancer and help unite our community.
  8. Do not criticize others on the dance floor.  The social floor is not the place for criticism.  It is also not the appropriate place to ask for instruction from the teachers.  If your partner offers you unwelcomed criticism, please be polite.  You can say something casual like “Thanks, but I’m here tonight to dance and have fun.”  Just refer back to the basic rule.
  9. If you find yourself with a partner whom you feel is not safe or you feel is dancing inappropriately you have the right to end the dance, even in the middle of a song.  Basic etiquette would necessitate that you say something but it could be as simple as “Excuse me, I need to get a drink of water”.
  10. Remember you have the right to say NO.  No explanation is required but being polite is.  You can say you would “like to sit one out” or “perhaps later” or even “I need to catch my breath right now”.  But please refrain from immediately dashing out on to the floor with someone else.  And most importantly, don’t take it personally if someone tells you no.  You can wait a couple of songs and ask again or you may choose to wait and see if they ask you.  But remember, it is not a personal rejection of you.
  11. Remember to tip the bartenders at the Oriental Shrine Club.  All proceeds from the sale of water and soda go to the Shriners’ charity for burn victims.