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Want to learn to swing dance? Want to learn to dance better? We have you covered!

Instructors: Anita & Davidfor website 2

New session of five classes starts Tuesday, Sept 11

6:30 - Beginning East Coast

7:30 - Intermediate East Coast

8:30 - Beginning Lindy Hop

Contact information:

Lessons are on Tuesdays at the First Moravian Church in Greensboro, 304 S. Elam. Great wood dance floor, plenty of off-street parking.

Session is five weeks long. Cost is $10 per class or $40 for the full five-week session.

Beginners who complete the full five-week session get a free dance pass.

Dance students may take lower-level classes prior to their own proficiency level for no additional charge: For example - if Intermediate East Coast is your appropriate level you may participate for no extra charge in the beginning class and stay for your class.

If the 8:30 class is your appropriate level, you are free to attend each of the previous classes. Note that many students attend the lower-level classes for practice, for fun, or to learn an alternate lead/follow role.